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Gleneagles Networking Event

Our luxurious event on the Gleneagles Estate takes place every year in February and it is our first networking event of the year.

Attendees join us for an evening on the beautiful estate to build new business contacts in a friendly atmosphere.

The past events have been enjoyed by all attendees who gained new and invaluable business contacts.



2013 Networking Event at Gleneagles

Our Gleneagles networking event was a resounding success! The ever engaging and talented former X-factor entrant, Gary Priestley, set the relaxed tone of the event with a songbook that combined a diverse range of music with smooth vocals, wit, and humour.

The unique blend of the luxurious Gleneagles estate with the comfortable familiarity which YES strives for created the perfect backdrop against which a profusion of networking was undertaken. Of course the YES magic cocktail along with a bottle or 5 of Kir Royale also helped! And it doesnt matter how much you pester us, the cocktail recipe will remain a secret!

Attendees left with a smile on their face, but more importantly a pocketful of new business contacts and associates!

Overall, the event encomassed what YES Networking Nights are all about... relaxed and friendly atmospheres with a semi methodological structure that allows everyone to intermingle and meet everyone else in the room. With entertainment, nibbles and interesting people, what more could we have asked for?!


Don't believe us? Read what our attendees had to say:

"Thank you very much for this amazing networking event"

- Pierre Kruff, Rock.Ya.Events

"The warm welcome and hospitality you extended was second to none. Your attention to detail and amazing time share made for an evening of pure quality",  

- Trevor Taylor, Scottish Events Photography


“YES – Your Event Scotland certainly known how to entertain and put on an enjoyable and extremely useful networking evening. The ambience created in the room comes from the friendly team and this helps everyone to settle in comfortably and get the best possible result out of the evening. I would definitely recommend attending these events as they are extremely beneficial.”

- Kayleigh Marshall, Edinburgh International Climbing Arena


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