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Very rarely in the publishing world does there appear a publication which is truly unique, a trailblazer that fills a hitherto empty niche, but that is just what Invite magazine has done. This is the first magazine which is based solely on all aspects of event planning. Be it the conception, the organising, the expertise, the bringing to fruition, Invite is a one stop shop for anyone aiming to put on any kind of event, from the modest to the oh my God, where do we start with this!

Based in Scotland and focusing solely on Scottish venues and companies, Invite aims to debunk the myth that event planning is an impossible task. We will direct the readers to a starting off point for any event, introduce them to suppliers, caterers, innovators and venues. In tightening economic circumstances we will show how it is still possible to host an event without compromising on style and taste - and without breaking the bank.

We will provide the confidence to take on the challenges faced by becoming the planner of your own event, from a hen night in Hamilton to a full blown wedding in Wick, from a baby shower in Bathgate to a Christmas party in Campbeltown, Invite will provide ideas and solutions to help you plan and put on an event to be proud of.

Working with the top companies, stylists and suppliers around, Invite is proud to showcase the very best that Scotland has to offer in the world of event planning. There are so many hidden gems in this small, dynamic country which Invite is determined to unearth and bring to the attention of the wider community. It is a huge task, but one which we are determined to undertake to ensure that your special day/event is a triumph of which you will be rightly proud!

But Invite is more than just a manual for event planning, it is also an entertaining, high quality, informative enjoyable publication.

To be inspired, invigorated and instilled with confidence, buy a copy of Invite! You wont be disappointed.