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Wedding, Portrait and Fashion photographic services. Leo Friel Photography's ethos is to deliver style, quality and superb customer service - to offer the highest quality photography presented in the highest quality products. Images are contemporary, interesting and beautiful, and are aimed at thrilling clients with the consideration put into with them.

Leo loves photographing people whether they are children, youngsters, couples or elderly, and believes portraits are evocative and timeless. The secret to photographing people is to engage with them - it not only relaxes people but creates reactions and what Leo calls 'moments'. The photo comes from that interaction and not from squinting through the camera at someone.

When photographing an event such as a wedding obviously Leo aims to show the people, the story and the details. But, more than that, the images will convey the atmosphere, the colour and the taste of the event. This comes from observation, anticipation and sometimes participation!

Leo likes to make a connection with his clients; this might come from conversation (or more likely banter!), from the experience of the shoot or from the relationship that builds before the shoot. Leo is very easy going but serious about his work. Many wedding couples become friends because of the involved relationship that develops leading up to the wedding and beyond.

Leo takes a pride in the quality of his work and will not use any products (albums, prints, frames, acrylics etc) that fall short of his own standards. Consequently all albums are handmade in New Zealand and framed prints are handmade by a master framer in Edinburgh. This ensures you benefit from the skills and relationships it has taken Leo years to form.

A range of packages and services are available, but every assignment is different and Leo is only too happy to discuss your plans and ideas with you.