Original 106 FM

Unit B Original House, Craigshaw Road, West Tullos Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, AB12 3AR

01224 294 860



Original 106fm is an independently owned local radio station broadcasting to the North East of Scotland…from the North East of Scotland.  Original 106fm was awarded its broadcast licence (the last new FM licence to be issued by Ofcom) in January 2007 and the station launched on October 28, 2007 at 1:06 pm.  The first record played was “Revolution” by The Beatles. 

Original 106fm broadcasts from its studios in West Tullos, Aberdeen to a mainly ABC1 bias audience.  Latest research show that Original 106fm is fast becoming the radio station of choice in the North East and is enjoying continuous audience growth.  More people choose to listen to Original 106fm than ever before making this station the right choice for local businesses looking to promote their message.

The Full Scottish Breakfast on Original 106 with David Lewis/Mid-Mornings on Original 106 with Martin Ingram/The Homerun on Original 106 with John McRuvie – With more listeners than ever before, listening for longer than ever before, Original 106fm is a truly 100% LOCAL radio station from the North East for the North East.  More than 60,000 people have made the change to Original 106fm – isn’t time you made the change?

Tune in now on 106.3 and 106.8 or listen online at originalfm.com

Original 106 – Great Music and LOCAL – ALL the time!