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Photography by Joanne, based in Aberdeen, specialises in Wedding & Portrait Photography, Corporate & Social Occasions. Photography by Joanne offers a creative and inspirational approach to photography every time at cost effective prices.

North East wedding photographer Joanne Cairney has a special empathy with the brides whose special day she is capturing as she was recently a bride herself!

Having been on the other side of the camera when she tied the knot with husband Richard, Joanne (31), knows only too well the effort and preparation that goes into each wedding, and how important it is to get the photos just right.

Running her own full-time business, Photography by Joanne in Aberdeen, Joanne also specialises in portrait, corporate and event photography, and is the main photographer for her husband's design studio, Looking for Inspiration Ltd.

She believes the fact she fact is a woman in a man's world gives her a unique edge.

"I am in a fairly unique position, both being female and working in an industry which is predominately male, and also because I have been a bride myself," she says.

"As a newlywed myself, I understand the effort, passion and creativity that goes into the organisation and co-ordination of a wedding and I always try to reflect this in my photography."

"It's so important to be happy with your photographer as it will show in your photos if you're not, so I take the time to have meetings with the bride and groom to make sure I know a bit about them and their personalities, and also that we all understand what they are looking for in terms of capturing their big day."

"Every couple hopes their pictures will be displayed for a long time to come - and you only get one chance to get it right!"

Joanne and Richard got married 2 years ago at picturesque Forest of Birse Church in Aberdeenshire, and she entrusted a friend and fellow photographer with the task of photographing her own wedding.

"We were relaxed and happy on our wedding day and that definitely shows in the photos', she says. 'But secretly our photographer probably felt under a bit of pressure!"

"I love the variety of my job. One day I could be the photographer for a couple's big day and the next I could be photographing a new office building. As well as recording a moment in time, photos can be turned into individual pieces of art that are totally unique to the people in them," she adds.

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