Science Boffins

Devonshire House , Manor Way, Borehamwood , Herts, WD6 1QQ

020 8953 5566

Science Boffins have Boffins in UK locations that can travel to you and entertain children from the age of 3 to 12 with fun packed experiments and hands-on involvement.

Experience shows that young scientists are most keen between 3 and 12. We offer special packages for particularly younger children to ensure no one misses out on being a Boffin!

Science Boffins are passionate that children will leave us wanting more science so it is preferred that they leave the table wanting more rather than overtax them and they get bored, shows are fun and enthralling for the entire duration of the party.

Party time can vary from 1 to 2 hours dependent on the childrens age group.

Experience has shown that it is best to work right through without a break. This way children do not lose the continuity or concentration. Often with food comes the dreaded sugar spike, so party food time is best served after the presentation.

Shows can be carried out in a home or hall, requiring a table and seating room for the children. And parents, do not worry - it is all clean and dry indoors and the place will be left as found.