Tank Driving Scotland

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Looking for a unique gift for that someone special or just fancy a day out to remember then look no further than Tank Driving Scotland. Here are just some of our current offers;

The \'New Recruit\' experience(Beginner Course) - £77.98 is a grouped activity allowing you to experience the thrill of driving a real 18 tonne army tank. So if you see yourself as Tom Hanks in \'Saving Private Ryan\' or as Goldie Hawn looking to be Private Benjamin or quite simply just want to be a \'Toy Soldier\', we\'ll get you suited and booted in full and fashionable army kit, complete with camouflage make - up for our fashionistas, well, what are you waiting for - come on down, your country needs you, and that\'s an order!

Major General Experience (Intermediate course) - £107.98 if you want to be more adventurous then this is the experience for you. A unique action packed Tank driving adventure over tough and testing terrain. This one-to-one experience guarantees to put your abilities to the test and see what these massive machines can do on out specially designed tank track.

Brigadier (Advanced tank driving) - £146.99. An action packed, adrenalin rushing Tank driving adventure that will transform any rookie driver into a full blown tankaholic. Another one-to-one experience guaranteed to put your abilities to the test and see what these massive machines can do on our specially designed advanced section on our track. This is where we separate the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, and the girls from their shoes and leave normality behind. Danger! Danger! Danger! Not one for the faint hearted or shrinking Violets amongst you, have you got what it takes to be a \'Brigadier\', we dare you!

Amphibious lorry experience - £149.99. Drive this massive 10 tonne stalwart amphibious lorry around our purpose built course.

Car crushing experience - £407.98. Had a bad day at the office, someone else nicked your parking space at the shops, get with the programme and learn to drive one of Tank Driving Scotland\'s 18 tonne army tanks and finish the experience with crushing a car. We guarantee it beats stress balls!

Mini Monster Truck Driving - £67.90. The Mini Monster Truck is as its name suggests sits 5ft above ground level, and wheels are over 3ft in height and 1.5ft wide! This vehicle really can go anywhere, but the preference of our drivers always seems to be to the mud!! You will have an excellent time learning how to control the vehicle in this experience. If you can drive this little run around you can drive anything, although we don\'t suggest you try to!

4x4 military off road driving - £57.99.

Put your off-road skills to the test in our Dutch Army 4×4 for a challenging drive over our obstacle track.


And if you have any adrenalin left after all of the above why not test your military skills with our adrenaline filled game zones

Recruit paint ball - £25.00. Package includes: 5 games, 200 paintballs, and 2 Smokey Joe hand grenades.
This package includes the use of: - Paintball gun - Fresh CO2 gas refills - Full face mask - Armour chestrig, Gloves
- Ammunition Holder

Tank Driving Scotland are also running specially priced kids parties during the school holidays, so round up your little soldiers and visit our website today for further information or to book.