DJ Verner

Westhill Business Centre, Arnhall Business Park, Aberdeen, AB25 3UT

01224 330680

Looking for his big break, Chris AKA DJ Verner has been practicing DJ\'ing on vinyl for 20 years since the days of the early rave scene. In early 1992 he went to his first proper rave in Kellys, Portrush and was hooked to the whole scene from there, not missing a saturday night for over 3 years!

During this time he heard quality DJ\'s like Chris Hurley, Carl Cox, Vertigo, Glen Molloy, Tony De Vit, Mrs Wood, Blu Peter, and live acts such as New Atlantic, QFX, Ultrasonic, Dream Frequency, TTF, Love Decade and The Bassheads to name a few.

Chris got his first set of decks in 1995 and has been spinning ever since. His tune selection style is whatever sounds good and builds in his sets to more uplifting euphoric beats.If he had to categorise himself, however, he would say his music style is progressive house with elements of trance and old skool.

Back in Northern Ireland he started to make a name for himself locally making his way through various all nighter parties and events.

Since coming to Aberdeen he\'s DJ\'d at various bars and clubs but has found Aberdeen\'s club scene a little limited. Ideally DJ Verner is wanting to create his own night with progressive house/trance tracks as well as mixing up old skool classics in his sets.