Commonwealth Youth Circus

Bright Night International 4th Floor (GTAC) 7 Water Row Govan G51 3UW

0141 4160070

YES Scotland are proud sponsors of the Commonwealth Youth Circus!!


The Commonwealth Youth Circus is the amalgamation of four years of hard work and campaigning by three Glasgow companies that are at the forefront of physical training and performance in Scotland. They are; Bright Night International, which combines circus, parkour, dance and acrobatics; Glasgow Parkour Coaching; and Aerial Edge, a specialist in acrobatics. The Commonwealth Games overall, gave them a common purpose and the funding to create the brilliant team. 

In the company of 13-25 year olds, each individual student had to go through an exceedingly tough audition that included holding a handstand for a minute, measuring the perfect box splits, counting pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups. In addition, they are required to complete approximately 17 to 22 hours of tailored training every week over nine months.The group comprised of 18 very talented young circus artists. Overall, the project not only provides future careers for local talent, but also inspires generations to become more physically active and try skills that they never imagined they were capable of. 

In 2014 they travelled  throughout Scotland and displayed an impressive outdoor circus street show on the road in July for the Queen's Baton Relay. The show marked Scotland's place creatively on the world stage in 2014, and the YES team were very happy to be apart of it all. 



"Your Event Scotland have been hugely supportive of our project, through sponsoring our company hoodies, securing accommodation, helping us to promote our activities and connecting us with events industry contacts in the run-up to our touring. We've got some very cleared shared goals in getting Scotland active, inspired and enthused, so we're really lucky to have found such a great partner for the Commonwealth Youth Circus."


Kat Borrowdale, Director (Events & Marketing), Bright Night International





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