The Commonwealth Youth Circus Sponsored by Your Event Scotland

"Absolutely amazing start to our tour in Elgin tonight! Pictures and video coming very soon. Thank you to our audience and the organisers!"

 "I was in Elgin yesterday dancing for the baton relay and I have to say they were amazing, never seen anything like it." - Imogen Thomas

“I actually took my very first steps in Dingwall, so it’s pretty surprising that I’m back to perform leaps and jumps with the Commonwealth Youth Circus” - Conor McIlraith

"The trapeze act was a poignant point in the performance for myself. It was set to The Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘To Build a Home’, a piece of music close to my heart but also very relevant to the Commonwealth Youth Circus foundations of creating a safe place and family for the youth within the circus. The performance really left the crowd totally entranced.” - June Ross




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