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Amavasyaa is a haven for the mind, body and soul, offering group workshops, outings and one-to-one sessions using yoga and voice dialogue to help you find serenity and calm in your life.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, unfit, and looking to find relaxation, focus and energy, then Amavasyaa's Intuitive Yoga sessions will help. Florence invites you to come and join her to explore the secrets and power of gravity; one of the many gifts available on our planet. This yoga is learnt and practiced by all, irrespective of age, health, faith and experience. Florence can offer individual or group yoga sessions. Or if you need to get away from it all, take advantage of the week-long yoga workshop at a private lodge in the Scottish Highlands.

The Voice Dialogue sessions are a non-invasive method which encourages you to explore what is, in relation to any situations, sides of you and / or relationships you might struggle with. This is particularly helpful for those suffering anxiety, shyness and frustration with their partner, family or colleagues. Voice Dialogue brings first awareness and then what is called an 'Aware Ego' process. The Aware Ego process allows you to find yourself sitting in between opposites. It is this space where you become able to drive your life in your own terms. It is finding yourself! There are different ways to approach Voice Dialogue. You can participate in individual sessions, attend regular group meetings, or explore yourself through the weekend workshops.

By calming our minds we create possibilities for listening and a space to breathe. We find our centres, our foundations...

Reclaim your wholesomeness with Amavasyaa.