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Dynamic Edge Solutions are the next generation of IT Service Company. Basing their solution portfolio on cloud computing services they offer greater flexibility and resilience for any organisation's IT systems. It is as simple as switching on services as the business demands it no need to build servers or install complex network infrastructure.

Dynamic Edge Solutions can consult and advise on the cloud computing solutions that are currently available and assist businesses with the migration and transition process.

Migrating IT systems to the cloud can greatly reduce organisational IT costs.

Resulting cost savings come from:

Reduction (or elimination) of server hardware including power and cooling costs.

Considerably lower ongoing IT support costs.

No requirement for periodic infrastructure upgrade projects.

Essentially cloud computing shifts the organisational IT Cost Centre from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

Dynamic Edge's solution portfolio leads with the latest Microsoft offering Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). Through Microsoft's global data centres businesses can now have access to enterprise grade IT Infrastructure for a fixed monthly cost per user.